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Publisher's description

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a software package for entry, editing, tabulation, and dissemination of census and survey data. CSPro combines the features of the Integrated Microcomputer Processing System (IMPS) and the Integrated System for Survey Analysis (ISSA) in a Windows environment.

What's new in version 6.0

[1] What's New in This Version

- Android support: The CSPro engine was rewritten so that it can run
on both Windows and Android devices. CSEntry is available for
download in the Google Play store. Data entry programs are still
created on Windows but can now run on both operating systems.

- The Android application has a synchronization tool that allows
applications and data files to be synched with Dropbox or on an FTP

- The previous compiled data entry .enc format has been superseded with
a new format with the extension .pen.

- The default extension of CSPro logic files is now .apc, changed from
.app. Many email clients blocked attachments that contained .app
files, which made emailing CSPro applications difficult. CSPro can
still run old applications that use the .app extension.

- A new string type has been added to logic. This type is similar to
the alpha type except that it is of variable length, meaning that
the string can grow and shrink in size, depending on what is
assigned to it.

- Alpha and string variables can be declared locally in PROCs and
functions. (This was already possible with numeric variables.)

- Strings can be concatenated using the operator, eliminating the
need for the concat function.

- The rules governing the drop down and combo boxes have changed, with
drop downs now only supporting discrete value sets, whereas combo
boxes can show ranges. When opening old applications, CSPro will
automatically convert drop down fields with ranges to combo boxes.

- The random number functions produce a different sequence of values,
even with a seed, than in previous versions of CSPro.

- A new data entry mode for tablets hides both the case tree and
CSEntry's menus, maximizing screen real estate for forms.

- Several tools have been added to CSPro:
* PFF Editor: use this tool to edit .pff files with a
convenient graphical user interface that shows all options
that can be customized

* Production Runner: use this tool to automate the running of
several CSPro operations that you want to run in sequence

* Operator Statistics Viewer: use this tool to easily view keying
logs, to chart the progress of a keying operation, and to
forecast completion dates

* Save Array Viewer: use this tool to view or edit the contents
of hotdecks (save arrays) created by a batch editing program

- Language additions:
* getocclabel, getos, getvalue, getvaluealpha,
getvaluenumeric, setvalue, showarray
- Bug fixes and small enhancements.

What's new in version 5.0

- Internationalization. CSPro now supports non-Latin languages. This is a large change to CSPro and even affects users who use only Latin languages. Read the "Unicode Primer" in the help documentation for more information on how this change will affect you.
- Data and specification files are saved in UTF-8 encoding instead of ASCII/ANSI format.
- A PDA (PocketPC) version is no longer supported.
- New multiline alpha fields, useful for addresses, memos, or notes.
- The tickmarks on alpha fields can be removed to support scripts with connecting features, such as Arabic, or scripts where multiple keystrokes comprise one character, such as Devanagari.
- Entry in rosters can be from right-to-left, for languages such as Arabic.
- Data entry and exports support the use of a comma as a decimal mark.
- Users can modify the font used in the CSPro Designer.
- Attributes for multiple fields can be modified at one time.
- The position of extended control popups can be set in form properties.
- The starting language for CAPI applications can be specified in a data entry PFF file.
- Data files can be exported to R format.
- It is possible to include data files in packed applications.
- Language additions:
* alias, changekeyboard, fileempty, has, onchar
- Language modifications:
* pathname, putdeck, skip
- Bug fixes and small enhancements.

What's new in version 4.1

- Extended controls: Addition of tablet-ready controls such as radio
buttons, checkboxes, lists, and date pickers.
- Userbar: An optional bar in a data entry application that can contain
buttons, fields, and text.
- Increased support for CAPI applications, including ones in multiple
languages via changeable fonts.
- Reference window for element inspection while editing logic.
- GPS support.
- DeckArrays: Hotdeck imputation using arrays built from value sets.
- Linked value sets: Multiple items can share the same value set.
- Tracing: Limited ability to generate a trace log of a program's
- Data entry and batch programs can be run without specifying an
input file.
- Language additions:

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